It’s not easy

It’s not easy to quit job, definitely not, but it’s the right thing to do.

Tired to say something now.

Let’s look forward…

I didn’t forget this site. I’ll come back often and write something more.

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Dear John

First of all, I have to say, what impressed me most in this movie was John’s father, even it was not story line. The scenes of his father really touched me. He was silent mostly, but we all know how much he loved John, the moment when he talked about those coins, when he cooked, on the way to meet Savannah’s parents, at the airport to see John off, at the hospital when John read the letter to him……They all were warm.


Alright, lets go back to the love story.

Is it possible that two fall in love in several days? Yes, it is, even one day, one night, or one sight.

Is the distance worse thing in a relationship? Yes, it is. All could happen when you two don’t see each other. It takes so much support, understanding, trust, patience, and love….. You have to fight with much challenges like job, duty, illness, loneliness and temptation…..

However, distance just makes things not easy, but not impossible, right? There is still happy ending even it didn’t work on you. Waiting is bitter, but it is with hope. The bitter is much sweeter than some “fun” just in bed. And relocating is not an issue in society today. Don’t you agree?

Well, please don’t say I am too optimistic to see the reality, I am weak more than you know. And  also, please don’t say I am pessimistic to look at all darkness,  I am trying to be tough. We all should. That’s the way how we make life better.


If the language is problem, how deaf people love each other?

If the distance is problem, why those who live together still couldn’t manager their relationship well?

Best wishes for you guys who are in distance relationship…..


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Who has left? Who will stay?

I guess its worthy writing something, though the 5th season of Gossip Girl was a bit messy.

Nate—First love is always sour. The smile that appeared on your face at Blair’s wedding day was the nicest smile I ever saw,with all the wishes in your eyes.

Louis—Love is never supposed to be bonus to marriage, for everyone, celebrities or commons. If it was,then the marriage is just going to be a paper. Would a paper mean happiness or torture?…..

Dan—Someone is always there for you, even you don’t know it. He cares about you, not in spite of who you are, but because of it. “He loves you for you.”…


You two have missed a lot and suffered enough. Don’t try to hide that you cared. Don’t try to run away anymore. People feel vulnerable and weak when they are in love. Who doesn’t?

“I need a future.”

“Then let me be part of it.”

Chuck Bass, I think that’s the happiness you have been pursuing.


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Are You The One?



So exhausted, from head to toe, and my heart….

People just walked fast, going home, yes….

So, where I am going?….


Are you the one?
The traveller in time who has come
To heal my wounds to lead me to the sun
To walk this path with me until the end of time
Are you the one?
Who sparkles in the night like fireflies
Eternity of evening sky
Facing the morning eye to eye

Are you the one?
Who’d share this life with me
Who’d dive into the sea with me
Are you the one?
Who’s had enough of pain
And doesn’t wish to feel the shame, anymore

Are you the one?
Are you the one?
Who’s love is like a flower that needs rain
To wash away the feeling of pain
Which sometimes can lead to the chain of fear

Are you the one?
To walk with me in garden of stars
The universe, the galaxies and Mars
The supernova of our love is true

                                                      (from Timo Tolkki “Hymn To Life”)

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Love Is Always There

It has been five years. I am tired of those tricks in “Gossip Girl”. It has to make some sense no matter how drama the story would be.
However, I still want to know what’s going on, not because of those gorgeous faces, nice dresses, great parties or celebrities’ secrets.

Some feelings are REAL. He is Chuck Bass. —–

You are rich, but you don’t feel security. You play games, but you get used to be lonely always. You have slept with many girls. But you never opened your heart and never loved someone till you have Blair, who is destined to be yours, walked into your heart, healed your wounds, leads you to the sun and loves every part of you.

As many things in life and movies, happy ending doesn’t come easy.

I know how frustrated you were when Blair didn’t show up at the Empire on time. I know how sad you were when you returned that ring. I know your heart was broken on Blair’s wedding. I know how happy you were when Blair said “You are all I ever wanted”. I know how much you love Blair when you wanted to raise her baby whose father was NOT you and when you did everything as possible as you could just wanted her to be happy and free, even didn’t care if she knew that….

Best friends, soul mates and life partners, I didn’t see other words from you and Blair.

They say the one who loves more would get hurt. Who cares that when people fall in love truly, madly and unconditionally.

If two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way back. Chuck Bass, you would prove it, wouldn’t you?

You are just there, never leave, never change.

Love is always there.

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Taking Chance

Chance Phelps was a Private First Class, only 19 years old with sunshine smile, killed in Iraq. The movie was like a DV following the escort to take Chance to home.

I couldn’t be cool while I watched the movie, not at all. Every scene and each note from the background music hit my heart. My eyes were filled with tears when I saw the vehicles that passed the car taking Chance didn’t drive away. They lined as a queue in front, escorting Chance, not making him lonely on the way to home, just as everybody did before, which were not asked to have to do. That was the most beautiful view among the moutains in Yellowstone.

All along the way, Chance was treated with dignity and respect and honor, from Ramstein Germany to Dover Air Force Base, from Virginia to Delaware, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Montana, Wyoming… Chance had touched many people, who moved him from the plane to the base, who cleaned each centimeter of his body carefully, who held his hand gently like his family, who took good care of the things he had left, who tried their best to sew a perfect uniform on him, and the gardeners, the driver, the staffs at the air ports, the flight attendant, the passengers on the plane….

Mike Strobl, who didn’t know Chance before and volunteered to take him home, which was a little unusual that an officer would escort a P.F.C, completed his duty very well. As he was told, he ensured the remains was correctly loaded at every stop and rendered honors at each transfer point regardless of the mode of transport….

It was really a great movie. The camera and music were so powerful. 

I had watched Kevin Bacon’s movies. Honestly I was not impressed before. I am not attracted to outlooking appearance, however, this time, his blue eyes were so beautiful like a diamond with tears, like deep sea full of love…

Thanks for HBO and all staff of the movie.


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To 2012

It is December. I am not sure I would have time or I am in mood to write later, so better do it now.

Looking back, how was the life of 2011?

Looking forward, what would I say to 2012?


Be brave and take some risk. This is the only way to make your life complete, even you might get hurt.

Be strong, no matter what happen. There are too much surprises in life.

Always try. We feel sorry for the things we have fought but didn’t get eventually, but we would feel more sorry for not having confidence and not making efforts for the things that we really want. Regret is the worst thing in the world, ever.

Happy ending is not occasional. You have to know the target and the direction. All steps are towards the goal, even some moment are tough.

Have a dream, make a target and live with some principles. No complaining. Love yourself.

I have nothing to lose.

Happy Birthday.

Happy Christmas.

Happy New Year.

(PS:hope i could say something else next xmas.)

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