Everybody’s Fine

When people meet each other, they always say”Hi, how you doing?”, “Fine,thanks,and you?” It is polite, isn’t it?
Most of the time,we don’t know if they are truely fine, and we don’t talk about something bad about ourselves either. What is hidden behind ‘fine’? Sometimes we don’t want to make others worried. Sometimes it is not a good time. Sometimes it is unnecessary. Sometimes he/she is not the one we knew before, coz people change as time pass…
Anyway,there are some “kind ” lies in the world, especially between parents and children.
“Everybody’s fine”, I haven’t watched it. But I believe it is a nice movie. I love Robert De Niro. In this movie, he acted an older father who hadn’t seen his children for years. And after he visited them, he found something that he hadn’t known before.
I believe such stories are happening everywhere in the world. Each parents care about their children, health, job, marriage and more. Nobody wants parents worried when he grow up. So that’s why we always say “I am ok”, “I will be fine”.

What is hidden behind the “fine”?—Love. Sometimes we lie to the ones that we care about.

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