The masseuse is blind, but still has good skills.

Of course she couldn’t be X-ray to look through customer’s body even if she wasn’t blind. But I think she has found the truth of this job—–touching by hand and feeling by heart. A good and professional massager can find some parts of customer’s body which need to be relaxed not only by seeing and asking. When she touches your bone and muscle, her hands become an accurate machine. Maybe you just tell her “painful,here; sour,there”, but she can find the reason, supply a good solution and make you comfortable.

If you lost your sight, you would have to feel everything by touching. And eventually all the feeling are transmitted from your fingers to your heart. So, you judge everything by heart.

Suddenly I got an idea—-want to learn how to massage. Uh, the first step? Maybe I could buy a whole piece of steak or ribs? And then learn how to touch? Hahaha, okay, stop being sillyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:))

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