Good Will Hunting

–“It’s not your fault.”

–“Yeah, I know that.”

–“It’s not your fault.”

–“I know.”

–“It’s not your fault.”

–“I know.”

–“No, no, you don’t. It’s not your fault.”

–“I know.”

–“It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault……”


At that moment, with Robin’s gentle and strong voice, my tears dropped as Matt’s.

Yes, it’s not your fault.

You thought it was your fault when people didn’t like you and treated you badly. You thought everything would be fine as long as you tried your best. But nothing changed later. They just became worse as time passed by. So you got used to what happened. And finally you didn’t care whose fault it was.

You don’t care others because nobody cares about you. You bulit a strong castle  for  your heart and locked it down. You don’t believe there are someone who really want to be close to you and warm you and love you. You hurt others in order to not get hurt first. You are cold because you think it’s the best way to protect yourself.  You prefer hang out with your buddies than go with your girlfriend to another city, because the guys and the place make you feel safe and security more than “i love you” from a girl who is rich and studies in the best university and you even don’t know how the future would go…..


It’s not your fault.

Throw away too much burden from your mind, lay down everything slowly, follow your heart, and believe that you deserve the happinese and love and more……

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