The Best Gift On Valentines Day

I read this true story at the Valentines Day of 2010.

13 countries, 16000 kilometers, been a hitch hicker for 3 months, got rejected almost 1000 times…….finally he met his girl


And I saw some pictures on the Valentines Day of this year.

A guy and a girl,  homeless, no job, no money, families were far away, they married after they met 4 days, they lived in the street or park, they tried to find a job, they wanted a baby…..

Money probably could make life better, but the true happiness doesn’t depend on the money. You couldn’t “buy” someone’s heart that cares about you.  And money couldn’t ensure that anything wouldn’t change. When you walk with the one you love in the sunshine, feel the wind on your face, your happiness are not less than the rich people. When you awake in the morning,always see his/her face for the first sight in the day, it’s totally not about money.

Not difficult to get money as long as you work hard and never give up. But it is not easy to get the one who really cares about you no matter how tough the life is…..


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