Central Perk

I saw the coffee bar when I was on the bus yesterday. Having a glance from the window, I can tell its decoration style is exactly like the one in “Friends”. And there are sweet words under it’s logo—I’ll be there for you. sweet, huh?:) The owner must be a big fan of “Friends” as me.

I don’t know how taste the coffee there. I don’t know if there are some nice guys as Chandler, Ross, Joey, or some sweet women as Phoebe, Monica, Rachel. I don’t know if there are also amazing stories happen everyday……

It is a comedy series, but not only, definitely. couldn’t help crying several times when I watched.

1)Chandler told the girl, who was a surrogate mother, that Monica had been ready for a good mom already.

2)Joey proposed to Rachel, coz he thought it was  not easy for a woman to bring up a baby by herself.

3)on Phoebe’s wedding.

4)at the ending, Rachel didn’t board the plane and came back to Ross.

I am not a cry baby. It is really a great, warm and touching tv series. It has companyed me ten years…..

How many “ten years” do we have in our lifetime? How many people appeared in the past ten years? Who did you forget already? Who still have been on  your mind? How many things happened in the ten years? How much change you got in the ten years?……

And what’s going on in the next ten years?……

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