Memory and Dream, Past and Future

This thread has been on my mind for long time. I still don’t know how to write. Yes, I can find a lot of excuses such as I am busy, I am sleepy when i try to start, I don’t know how to say or there is something heavy on my mind….

What does memory mean for human?

To remember something good and someone who showed up in our past life? How you feel about those good experience and sad moment when you think about that? How you deal with them? How do the memories make you move forward and how they make you want to go back to the moment that couldn’t come up again? And what if we didn’t have memory? Would you be sad or happy?….

What about dreams?

Memories are for the past, and dreams are for the future and hope. Is it right?

Do you always dream about something totally new or unexpected? Or are they sequel to your past life and continuous to keep the good experience? Do you always feel happy to have a dream for the future? Ever come true? You did, didn’t you?


They say there is a kind of bird in the world, who always keep flying and never stop untill they die one day. Would they feel tired? And how they handle it? What kind of dreams make them keep moving on or they just have to?….


I don’t like some terms such as “have to”,”This is life”,etc. It sounds there is nothing you can do for your life. So sad,huh? That’s it?  Are most people’s life just like that?

However, I believe there are some exception. Are you?


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