“I am Chuck Bass.”

Secrets, tricks, lies, revenge, scandals, and all kinds of parties, are these really life of upper east?

It is just a show, isn’t it?

However, in this show, Chuck Bass, you are the shinest.

The way you talking, the way you staring, walking, drinking….everything in everyway at everywhere about you, there is a mark—“I am Chuck Bass.” 

You did bad things and made some mistakes. But so what? You take the responsibility to be a son, stepson, brother and friend. You carry people, you carry her.

You love Blair deeply and madly. You did a lot of things for her. You even don’t care whether she knows that, you just want her be happy. Your heart was broken when she left with the prince. You let her go and hurt yourself again.

How much I wish this is just torture from the editors of Gossip Girl. B&C is the only reason that I follow the show. I really hope you two have a happy ending! Don’t ever forget what you told her “I am not Chuck Bass without you”.

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