For Father’s Day

They say, being a father is the most tough job in the world….

Generally, fathers don’t express their feelings every moment, they don’t talk too much as mothers. They do their best to make kids be safe, be healthy, be happy and get good education. Fathers’ love are like moutain, deep, strong, without many words, always support you and make you feel home is the warmest place in the world no matter how big mess you made….

In  The Next Three Days, when John’s father realized John would go to another country and probably never come back under that situation, he didn’t ask anything, and even didn’t tell John’s mother the tickets secret. Firm handshake, a big hug, and “goodbye” with deep feeling, from such short and simple farewell, everyone knows how much he loved his son. This is a man’s power. This is a father’s power…..

“I know you know”. “You know I know”.—-This doesn’t only exist in a relationship, also betweetn parents and kids.

Daddy,  I am so proud of being your daughter and grateful for everything you did to me before. I wish you have good time with your grandson, and hope my brother can take care of you and mom well.

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