There You Are

It’s an interesting movie.

Eleven directors from different countries made several stories about people’s life in the city.

When you go outise, in the street, in the bus, sutway, station, restaurant, bar, market, everyone you met must have some stories. They could be students, wirters, photographers, singers, salesmen, waiters, hookers….

Maybe two hours are not enough to express, but we are one of them, right? This is how the city looks like for someway, and this is how our life go, right?

My favorite story was the ending. The old couple have been married for 63 years. wow, 63 years, I even don’t know whether I could live 63 years more, not to metion marriage.

If I would have to be alone always, however, at the moment i was going to die, I would turn back to the man who laid down on the other bed next to me in hospital or whatever,

“Hey, there you are….. You know I have spent all the fortune of my whole life to meet you earlier…..Now why don’t you take me to somewhere only we know…..”

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