A Story About Two Women

Today’s top story is about two women. Obviously the situation for homosexuality is still hard. They two have fought a lot and didn’t give up……

“I know how special you are to me when I saw you at the first sight.”

“The most romantic thing in the world is not ‘I love you’, it is getting old with you. I can’t wait.”

“I am so close to my love, but I am so far away from the happiness.”

“I couldn’t take I was not there for you in each single day and every big day.”

“What we need is not time and money, it is trust and security.”

“Love is the result that comes from two person’s insistence.”

“I promise I will never leave you first, never leave you alone.”

“You promise you will care your health as I took care of you before.”

“I promise I will come back to you, find you, and marry you.”

“You promise you won’t get hangover and hurt yourself again when you miss me so much.”


Does it really matter that a man loves you or a woman loves you as long as you have the true love which nobody could give you and you wouldn’t feel it with anybody else?

I respect them, though I am not lesbian and I won’t.

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