Autumn is really good time for travelling. Actually every season or every day is available to travel as long as you want. Every moment is ready to go as long as your heart is flying.

Life is process for experience, and travel is one of them. You are always on the journey of your life even you just work, home, work, home everyday. 

Some people like travelling alone, coz individual is free. Some like to go with friends or families. It would be pity the one you love is not by your side when you see incredibly beautiful view. Some go to a new place to escape their life or forget annoyance. Some expect to meet a totally new and interesting “stranger” and begin a new life then.

My heart and soul are always on the way.

So what about you?

Do you like travelling? Which place is your dream? Who do you want to go there together?  Or who do you want to meet there most?


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4 Responses to Travel

  1. Every moment is ready to go as long as your heart is flying.

    What a lovely line! I’ll remind myself of that the next time I am on my way to somewhere that feels still and staid..

  2. S says:

    So well written indeed …Yes , I keep travelling, living out of a suitcase not knowing how tomorrow will be or who will I get to meet ~ but this time I hope to meet someone with a smile .

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you:)
      Life is jurney. Smile is one of the precious things that make us not lose our way. Keep smile. You will get what you want:)

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