The sunshine is so precious. It seems the autumn is very short this year. A cup of hot coffee would become cold within five minutes. I am going to become a female teddy bear soon if i dressed much:)

I don’t know how other people make themselves warm. From food? drinking? alcohol? cigarettes? sleeping? movies? music? novels? sports? pc games? kissing? cuddling? sex? missing someone? dreaming?…..

What do you want from those stuff? To warm your chilled body? To warm your broken heart? To warm you the moment you feel lonely? Or to warm you all the life?

Stay warm,dear.

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3 Responses to Warm

  1. Micah Marusiak says:

    Utterly composed subject matter, thankyou for information .

  2. S says:

    No food , alcohol, cigarettes, movies, music, novels, sports, pc games, kissing , cuddling or even sex can make one feel truely warm . All I search for is the warmth from ones heart !!! ~ and thanks for your wonderful post ~ it keeps me thinking .

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you:)
      The precious warmth could carry us forward,in peaceful day or stormy water.We always need it.
      Someone don’t care. Someone are tired of looking for. Someone keep searching. Someone lost it. Someone get it and cherish it……

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