Taking Chance

Chance Phelps was a Private First Class, only 19 years old with sunshine smile, killed in Iraq. The movie was like a DV following the escort to take Chance to home.

I couldn’t be cool while I watched the movie, not at all. Every scene and each note from the background music hit my heart. My eyes were filled with tears when I saw the vehicles that passed the car taking Chance didn’t drive away. They lined as a queue in front, escorting Chance, not making him lonely on the way to home, just as everybody did before, which were not asked to have to do. That was the most beautiful view among the moutains in Yellowstone.

All along the way, Chance was treated with dignity and respect and honor, from Ramstein Germany to Dover Air Force Base, from Virginia to Delaware, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Montana, Wyoming… Chance had touched many people, who moved him from the plane to the base, who cleaned each centimeter of his body carefully, who held his hand gently like his family, who took good care of the things he had left, who tried their best to sew a perfect uniform on him, and the gardeners, the driver, the staffs at the air ports, the flight attendant, the passengers on the plane….

Mike Strobl, who didn’t know Chance before and volunteered to take him home, which was a little unusual that an officer would escort a P.F.C, completed his duty very well. As he was told, he ensured the remains was correctly loaded at every stop and rendered honors at each transfer point regardless of the mode of transport….

It was really a great movie. The camera and music were so powerful. 

I had watched Kevin Bacon’s movies. Honestly I was not impressed before. I am not attracted to outlooking appearance, however, this time, his blue eyes were so beautiful like a diamond with tears, like deep sea full of love…

Thanks for HBO and all staff of the movie.


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