Love Is Always There

It has been five years. I am tired of those tricks in “Gossip Girl”. It has to make some sense no matter how drama the story would be.
However, I still want to know what’s going on, not because of those gorgeous faces, nice dresses, great parties or celebrities’ secrets.

Some feelings are REAL. He is Chuck Bass. —–

You are rich, but you don’t feel security. You play games, but you get used to be lonely always. You have slept with many girls. But you never opened your heart and never loved someone till you have Blair, who is destined to be yours, walked into your heart, healed your wounds, leads you to the sun and loves every part of you.

As many things in life and movies, happy ending doesn’t come easy.

I know how frustrated you were when Blair didn’t show up at the Empire on time. I know how sad you were when you returned that ring. I know your heart was broken on Blair’s wedding. I know how happy you were when Blair said “You are all I ever wanted”. I know how much you love Blair when you wanted to raise her baby whose father was NOT you and when you did everything as possible as you could just wanted her to be happy and free, even didn’t care if she knew that….

Best friends, soul mates and life partners, I didn’t see other words from you and Blair.

They say the one who loves more would get hurt. Who cares that when people fall in love truly, madly and unconditionally.

If two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way back. Chuck Bass, you would prove it, wouldn’t you?

You are just there, never leave, never change.

Love is always there.

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