Who has left? Who will stay?

I guess its worthy writing something, though the 5th season of Gossip Girl was a bit messy.

Nate—First love is always sour. The smile that appeared on your face at Blair’s wedding day was the nicest smile I ever saw,with all the wishes in your eyes.

Louis—Love is never supposed to be bonus to marriage, for everyone, celebrities or commons. If it was,then the marriage is just going to be a paper. Would a paper mean happiness or torture?…..

Dan—Someone is always there for you, even you don’t know it. He cares about you, not in spite of who you are, but because of it. “He loves you for you.”…


You two have missed a lot and suffered enough. Don’t try to hide that you cared. Don’t try to run away anymore. People feel vulnerable and weak when they are in love. Who doesn’t?

“I need a future.”

“Then let me be part of it.”

Chuck Bass, I think that’s the happiness you have been pursuing.


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