Dear John

First of all, I have to say, what impressed me most in this movie was John’s father, even it was not story line. The scenes of his father really touched me. He was silent mostly, but we all know how much he loved John, the moment when he talked about those coins, when he cooked, on the way to meet Savannah’s parents, at the airport to see John off, at the hospital when John read the letter to him……They all were warm.


Alright, lets go back to the love story.

Is it possible that two fall in love in several days? Yes, it is, even one day, one night, or one sight.

Is the distance worse thing in a relationship? Yes, it is. All could happen when you two don’t see each other. It takes so much support, understanding, trust, patience, and love….. You have to fight with much challenges like job, duty, illness, loneliness and temptation…..

However, distance just makes things not easy, but not impossible, right? There is still happy ending even it didn’t work on you. Waiting is bitter, but it is with hope. The bitter is much sweeter than some “fun” just in bed. And relocating is not an issue in society today. Don’t you agree?

Well, please don’t say I am too optimistic to see the reality, I am weak more than you know. And  also, please don’t say I am pessimistic to look at all darkness,  I am trying to be tough. We all should. That’s the way how we make life better.


If the language is problem, how deaf people love each other?

If the distance is problem, why those who live together still couldn’t manager their relationship well?

Best wishes for you guys who are in distance relationship…..


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