The sunshine is so precious. It seems the autumn is very short this year. A cup of hot coffee would become cold within five minutes. I am going to become a female teddy bear soon if i dressed much:)

I don’t know how other people make themselves warm. From food? drinking? alcohol? cigarettes? sleeping? movies? music? novels? sports? pc games? kissing? cuddling? sex? missing someone? dreaming?…..

What do you want from those stuff? To warm your chilled body? To warm your broken heart? To warm you the moment you feel lonely? Or to warm you all the life?

Stay warm,dear.

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Autumn is really good time for travelling. Actually every season or every day is available to travel as long as you want. Every moment is ready to go as long as your heart is flying.

Life is process for experience, and travel is one of them. You are always on the journey of your life even you just work, home, work, home everyday. 

Some people like travelling alone, coz individual is free. Some like to go with friends or families. It would be pity the one you love is not by your side when you see incredibly beautiful view. Some go to a new place to escape their life or forget annoyance. Some expect to meet a totally new and interesting “stranger” and begin a new life then.

My heart and soul are always on the way.

So what about you?

Do you like travelling? Which place is your dream? Who do you want to go there together?  Or who do you want to meet there most?


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“I am sorry…”

“I am sorry for losing my temper the night you told me Louis proposed to you.”

“I am sorry for not waiting longer at the empire state building.”

“I am sorry for treating you like property.”

“I am sorry I didn’t tell you I loved you when I knew I did.”

“But most of all, I am sorry that I gave up on us when you never did.”


I will update this post if there is a happy ending for Blair and Chuck.


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A Story About Two Women

Today’s top story is about two women. Obviously the situation for homosexuality is still hard. They two have fought a lot and didn’t give up……

“I know how special you are to me when I saw you at the first sight.”

“The most romantic thing in the world is not ‘I love you’, it is getting old with you. I can’t wait.”

“I am so close to my love, but I am so far away from the happiness.”

“I couldn’t take I was not there for you in each single day and every big day.”

“What we need is not time and money, it is trust and security.”

“Love is the result that comes from two person’s insistence.”

“I promise I will never leave you first, never leave you alone.”

“You promise you will care your health as I took care of you before.”

“I promise I will come back to you, find you, and marry you.”

“You promise you won’t get hangover and hurt yourself again when you miss me so much.”


Does it really matter that a man loves you or a woman loves you as long as you have the true love which nobody could give you and you wouldn’t feel it with anybody else?

I respect them, though I am not lesbian and I won’t.

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There You Are

It’s an interesting movie.

Eleven directors from different countries made several stories about people’s life in the city.

When you go outise, in the street, in the bus, sutway, station, restaurant, bar, market, everyone you met must have some stories. They could be students, wirters, photographers, singers, salesmen, waiters, hookers….

Maybe two hours are not enough to express, but we are one of them, right? This is how the city looks like for someway, and this is how our life go, right?

My favorite story was the ending. The old couple have been married for 63 years. wow, 63 years, I even don’t know whether I could live 63 years more, not to metion marriage.

If I would have to be alone always, however, at the moment i was going to die, I would turn back to the man who laid down on the other bed next to me in hospital or whatever,

“Hey, there you are….. You know I have spent all the fortune of my whole life to meet you earlier…..Now why don’t you take me to somewhere only we know…..”

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Better Than Nothing

Apparently I am stucked.

Maybe I need to hava a trip to the town named Elizabeth. Or would I fly like a bird or a fish?

Well, let me try to write something, at least better than nothing.

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I didn’t expect to post this till I read her story….

She made a wrong decision when it was tough time, no money, no job, no families, no friends…. She survived, but has paid too much. It’s like huge stone on her mind, too heavy to breathe….Fortunately, things are getting better, she has job with good salary now and is going to end an unhappy marriage soon….

I’ve learned a lot from her story, about life, courage, confidence, job, friendship, relationship,marriage etc…..


Well, I feel like it’s hard to write something now, even this post. I could write almost everyday. I know I can….but…

Is it pity to quit now?….

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